Sunday, November 2, 2008

Some fun last night.

So it wasn't all that my wife expected it to be, but it was fun none the less.

She was wearing a saree (no that's not her!), it being Diwali. Now for those of you that have some experience with women wearing sarees, they can be good and bad. they are bad sometimes because they can make it kinda tough to get to the boobs. The traditional blouse wasn't made to be easy to take off. But they can be good too when you have a horny willing woman. Non-traditional blouses can be VERY easy to take off. My wife was wearing one that is more like a tube top.

So she was in his living room and the night started off with a few Margaritas but they soon moved to tequila shots, which get her hot and horny quick. She made the first move by putting one hand on his thigh and using the other to pull his face to her. She planted a hot wet kiss straight on his lips and pretty soon the first hand was stroking a raging hard on through his shorts.

As she describes it, the clothes didn't last more than two minutes between them and he had her on her knees between his legs. With his head thrown back she moved her wet mouth up and down his 7 inch shaft, while cupping his relatively small balls with her hand. About 10 minutes of sucking his cock, licking his balls and he was almost on his way. She stopped for a few seconds and pulled his foreskin off the head of his cock and the glistening pre-cum beckoned. While looking him in the eyes, she then proceeded to slowly lick the pre-cum off with the tip of her tongue. That sent him over the edge and he grabbed her head by the hair, pushed it down on his cock and almost started cumming in her mouth. My wife does not swallow, nor does she like men cumming inside her mouth (safety reasons). She had barely gotten his cock out of her mouth that he spurted all over her face, neck and tits. She loves the feeling hot jizz on her skin so she rubbed it all over her boobs and then he proceeded to lick her nipples. He was done but she wasn't.

She squeezed the last drop of cum out of his cock and promptly put the now limp tool in her mouth again. She said she was surprised, pleasantly to feel his cock growing in her mouth again in about 15 minutes. They got into the 69 position and she buried his head in to get his tongue deep into her pussy. As he got harder, she was ready. She flipped around and climbed on top of him, aimed the now hard cock into her pussy and rammed it in. As she rode him, she rode herself to 2 orgasms in 10 minutes. He was getting ready to explode too, so she pulled him out (reluctantly) and jerked him off on her face and neck again. So the night ended there for them with him lying naked on his couch and her dressing back up, being careful not to disturb some of the cum on her neck so she could flaunt her sexploits to me. She came home sweaty and sticky and it was not more than 5 minutes before she was screaming in pleasure again as my hard cocked plunged into her slightly sore (but very willing) pussy in the shower :-)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Diwali is here

For the un-informed, Diwali is a great Indian festival. Lots of festivities, food and friends getting together.

Well, the wife is getting together with friends all right. She took the opportunity tonight to go hang out with one of our friends at his place. The drinks will be flowing between and them so will the juices, I bet!!

She's been fantasizing about him fucking her pussy so this is her night. Cant wait for her to get back. As a bonus, she plans on coming back tonight, if possible, with his cum still on her face so she can pirouette around like a satisfied and proud slut that she will be. We'll see how it goes. More details to follow.

Starting off....

As the description states, this is an attempt by me (the husband) to blog about our sexual experiences. A few details: My wife and I have been married for 6 years. We both come from India and thoroughly enjoy the sexual freedom that a country like the USA affords us. We decided 3 years back that we were both OK with either of us fucking other people as long as it is purely for sexual satisfaction.

I have a busy work life so don't get out often enough but she enjoy a quick fuck or two every once in a while. then she comes back home and we have wild sex as she describes her encounters. I will try to put up pictures as/when she has some. A lot of times she gets so caught up in the action that she forgets to take pictures for my (and your!!) pleasure. Hey!! She's a horny slut and i would rather she enjoy herself first then thinkk about pics/videos.

So welcome to my blog and as a starter i would like to start off with a teaser pic of my wife's boobs. Enjoy!